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Where to buy stubby holders?

We hear that people ask Where to buy stubby holders?

This of course is a surprise to us at Wetsuit Coolers because we make and sell stubby holders right here in Australia!

We have also heard that many stubby holders are ordered and imported from overseas because their is a belief they are cheaper. These stubby holders are cheap, but cheap and nasty and not the sort of stubby holders that you would be proud to give to a mate or a client.

They are so cheap that they quickly fall apart, the colours fades. Also there are long delays between ordering them and the stubby holders arriving.

We make stubby holders right here in Australia, so we make sure the materials is top quality, and we are confident about our workmanship becuase our skilled team have been making stubby holders for years.

If you need your stubby holder order quickly, we can fast-track them to get them to you sooner.

So when people ask Where do I go to buy stubby holders tell them to call us at Wetsuit Coolers. They will get a top quality stubby holder that you will be proud of, and it will delivered when you need them!

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