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Stubby Holders: What Are They And How Can You Benefit From Them

There are still a lot of people around the globe who still dont understand what stubby holders are. Well, let me give you some insight into what stubby holders are and their possible uses. First and foremost, stubby holders are also known as ‘beer koozie’, ‘beer huggie’ or ‘beer jacket’ and are designed to keep your drink cold.

The term stubby refers to the shorter 375ml glass bottle like the Victoria Bitter example pictured right, but most stubby holders also fit a range of other common drink bottle sizes.

Over time, folks have become more creative and have that stubby holders are an effective promotional tool, and in fact some blokes have a collection of different stubby holders:

Stubby holders for building brand recognition

Many businesses nowadays have already realize that  competition is really stiff, and its necessary to sometimes use novel marketing strategies to get your name and brand out there so people know about you when they might be ready to buy your products or services.

Well, the use of stubby holders as an effective marketing tools like the Wetsuit Coolers stubby holders has become extremely popular to many business owners and entrepreneurs. In fact, these products  are proven to be highly effective promotional items. Businesses put their logos, names, featured products and even their telephone number around the holder in full colour. This is their way of spreading their business’ name to people who might one day become loyal customers. Stubby holders are a promotional product that people can use and value everyday.

Stubby holders as wedding favours

Weddings are more memorable by having unique wedding giveaways. Often each guest is given a small momento to serve as a reminder of the event. However, wedding favours are becoming more creative, and because every couple wants to have a unique wedding reminder, stubby holders have become ideal items for them. The couple can have their photo digitally printed on the stubby holder along with the wedding date, and other details about the special day. The cooler can be coloured to match the wedding’s themeand include a special thank you from the Bridge and Groom. The good thing about stubby holders as wedding gifts is that they are a practical gift, and also remind the of the wedding ceremony.

So if you want top quality stubby holders, Wetsuit Coolers is here for you. They can customise stubby holders which will be based to your preferences.

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