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Stubby Holders: More Than Just Keeping Drinks Cold

Stubby holders are used to keep a beverage cold. They can come in your preferred designs. They are made from durable neoprene material so that they will last for a long time. Since the invention of Stubby holders, they  have been helping  many people keep their drinks cold.

And as people become more creative, stubby holders are not only used for keeping drinks cold, they already learned to use them in many ways. Listed below are some of their uses:

Stubby holders as promotional items

Stubby holders can be an efficient and effective marketing tool for every business. This is because stubby holders can be a good alternative to business cards as they are most likely displayed rather than kept inside the wallet. They are also effective networking tools for a business because they help create brand recognition and brand recall.  Wetsuit Coolers stubby holders are a very affordable marketing options.

Stubby holders as wedding gifts

Wedding favours are special items couples give to their guests as a way of thanking them for being present during their special occasion. And having unique and cute wedding gifts will make the wedding more unforgettable. That is why the use of unique guest giifts like wetsuit stubby holders really impress guests and they always remember the occasion every time they will use the stubby holder. In addition, stubby holders are more affordable compare to the other existing wedding favours in the market.

Stubby holders as special gift

Stubby holders can be a personal gift to a friend or a relative. It can be personalised according to the recipient’s interests. It can be in any shape and size  according to every individual’s preferences. If you want, you can also create your own design so that your gift will be even more meaningful.

Obviously, people have really found the best uses of stubby holders and they come to realize that they are more than just something that keeps every drink cold.

For unique and affordable bottle holders, try Wetsuit Coolers stubby holders.

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