Stubbys Ink

Personalised stubbie holders

One of our more popular requests are for personalised stubby holders.

People like individually designed stubby holders because they create some interest, and often have something personal printed on the stubby holder.

This can range from a photo of the beautiful couple for wedding stubby holders, through to something a bit boisterous or even even naughty for bucks night stubby holders or does night stubby holders. A humorous stubby holder is always good for a giggle, and an embarrassing photo of the birthday boy is good value too!

When promoting your business a personalized or custom stubby holder attracts interest by standing out fro the crowd, and can be a memory jogger for would-be clients of your businesses phone number or products and services etc.

Being an individual, even down to your stubby holder is important. We don’t all want to be boring and the same do we?

So if you would like to personalise some stubby holders, speak to Ian and he’ll be able to help you with some good layout tips on your stubby holders so it looks good but importantly is an individual piece!

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