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Alan, the Australian Made Stubby Holder

Helloooooooo Guys and Girls

I would like to introduce myself as Alan, the Australian Made Stubby Holder. I was made right here in Australia, by WetSuit Coolers.

I am off on a mission to find all the different places that people use Stubby Holders, starting right here at my birth place in Adelaide. Just behind me in the photo is this old dude called Colonel William Light, and in February 1836 he set off to find a place for a new settlement in SA. He rejected locations for the new settlement on arrival in Kangaroo Island as well as Port Lincoln and Encounter Bay. He was required to find a site with a harbour, fresh water, building materials and drainage. Most of the settlers were moved from Kangaroo Island to Holdfast Bay the site of present day Glenelg, with Governor Hindmarsh arriving on 28 December 1836 to proclaim the province of South Australia. So after all that was done and dusted, Adelaide was designed, South Australia was officially proclaimed on the 28th of December, SA is given a public holiday called Proclamation day, and the rest is history.

The city of Adelaide boasts over 100 pubs, that is over 100 places to drink my favourite drink, beer!! That is over 100 pubs where you will find my stubby holder mates wrapped around the odd can of ale, laughing it up in the city of churches (there are still more churches (750!!) than pubs).

So that is it from me today, I am off on my travels. Before I go, if you are off on a holiday and would like to take me with you, drop my mates at WetSuit Coolers an email, and they will send you one of my identical mates to go on your travels with you!

Catch ya later in the week

Australian Stubby Holder

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