Stubbys Ink

Wedding Stubby Holders

Here at WetSuit Coolers we understand that a stubby holder is not JUST a stubby holder, especially if it is for your big day. There are so many stresses involved with weddings, but your design and style of your wedding stubby holder does not need to be one of them. We make it pretty simple, […]

Colour Matching

When it comes to wedding, there are so may things that you want just perfect. Once you have chosen your colour theme, you want everything to match. At Wetsuit Coolers we pride ourselves in making your perfect wedding stubby holder. Because of the process we use, we can colour match pretty much any colour you […]

Bucks Show Stubby Holders

With wedding season upon us we are making loads of Bucks Show Stubby Holders. An awesome way to make the most of your Bucks show, even if it is the only thing you remember from the night. We can put images, text, photos, just about anything you can think of on your Bucks Show Stubby […]

How are they made?

We make so many Stubby Holders each year, and people are always amazed about the process when they come to our shop in Adelaide. WetSuit Coolers pride ourselves on making excellent Stubby holders, and we have spent nearly 20 years perfecting making stubby holders. We have moved along way from the old screen printing, one […]