About Us


Stubby's Ink make Stubby Holders...

  • Wedding Stubby Holders for that special day
  • Party and Special Event Stubby Holders for a bit of fun
  • Stubby Holders for Hen's Nights and Bucks Shows 
  • Stubby Holders for Sporting Clubs to celebrate your team
  • Fundraising Stubby Holders to help get donations
  • Gift Stubby Holders for a special friend

…and we customize our Stubby Holders just for you!

We print, glue, stitch and pack our stubby holders here in Australia, and we do everything we can to keep everything local!

We offer the best quality stubby holders along with top customer service.

We use sublimation inks on our stubby holders; they are stitched, glued and packed by hand and then shipped to you.

Our stubby holders are the best, yet are very reasonably priced.

They are NOT made from foam or cheap nasty rubber!

They ARE made from high quality neoprene and stitched together at the seam with mauser tape NOT zig zag stitch or glued together.

Our base is glued in by hand, and each cooler is hand sorted before it is packed and shipped out, so you can be sure that only the best product lands at your front door.

If you are not sure what design or layout you want on your stubby holders, then contact us & we can help you design a stubby holder just for you.